A salt storehouse near the sea may be haunted. A penniless ex-con dies a gristly death in a house he can ill afford. The detectives assigned the case are Min, newly reinstated after a suspension, and Lee, a new transfer from forensics. Min has nightmares: a sexual assault that haunts her. She and Lee work well together, but soon two more deaths occur – each mysteriously poisoned, both friends of the ex-con. A fourth friend, a newly married doctor, is a suspect. But what has all this to do with the salt storehouse, a death ten years ago, and a missing girl? Can Min and Lee get to the bottom of it, or is the supernatural beyond a cop’s reach?

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1h 37m 28-06-2006 12 views

  • Option 1 INDONESIA - HD
  • Original title: 아랑
  • Release date: 28-06-2006 (South Korea)
  • Director: Ahn Sang-Hoon
  • Genre: Foreign, Horror
  • Rating: 0.0 0 votes
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